“The Swedish fashion wonder”

-Worth 206 billion SEK ( 2011)
-Brands such as H&M, Tiger of Sweden, Acne, &Other Stories, Filippa K, Kappahl, Dagmar
-Stockholm fashion week twice a year provides a platform for brands and new designers to get publicity and media coverage. The Swedish Fashion council nominates “ROOKIES” that are new potential fashion talents. Also trade shows are important to get exposure and meet buyers.
-The Swedish fashion industry has always been supported by the government and other organizations designers to set up new companies. Also the impact of H&M has been huge. H&M has provided a platform for young designers to learn and develop their skills
-The companies have become successful by offering good quality at the right price; also the right timing has been essential. Being able to differentiate from competitors and knowing your own brand well are the key factors to succeed. With the help of right marketing techniques, the brands have been able to communicate the brand identity to the consumers
-Swedish fashion is internationally recognized and appreciated. Especially the denim market is huge and internationally well-known. High-street brands such as Monki, COS and &Other Stories have all been successful in Sweden as well as in the global market
-As Sweden is a small domestic market, most brands expand their business to other countries, mostly to European countries, but also to USA, Australia and Asia depending on the brand. Swedish brands are represented in nearly 40 countries. BRIC-countries and many Asian countries with a fast growing economy provide new market opportunities. When expanding to new countries, it is important to know the local market and consumers’ preferences as well as the market situation
-The risks when expanding to new countries are currency fluctuations that can cause extra costs for the company, losing control over the brand due to distance, legal matters, inadequate research of the local market, language problems to name a few.

MUUBAA–Shanghai Fashion Week

MUUBAA’s show was personally one of iQubator’s favorites! The show was divided into several themes which highlighted the purpose of the different collections. Black and leather were a key factor throughout the collection, but MUUBAA also used different vibrant colors and played with different fabrics. During the theme ‘City Shopping’ the models were each carrying a white little dog.




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